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Streamlyn - Yield Optmization Description

Yield Optimization

We maximize publisher's revenue through advanced yield optimization techniques, analytical management tools and granular reporting services. Our team of monetization experts together with third party technologies enable you to reach optimal revenue results from all your website's placements. The team begins by evaluating your best performing revenue sources and your optimal eCPM’s on a daily basis. By introducing Real-Time Bidding (RTB) auction to our publishers inventory, the system evaluates the attributes of each impression to determine its precise value, optimizing yield and maximizing revenue.

Streamlyn - Dedicated Accound Managers Description

Dedicated Account Managers

Our target market is publishers and we strongly feel, its in the account management area that they are being under-served. They have all the account management needs of large global corporations but do not typically get that kind of support they should from the large networks with whom they have historically dealt with. At Streamlyn, we want to demonstrate that there’s another way to look at it.

All of our publishers are allocated with a dedicated account manager. They hold ultimate responsibility to cater and assist all our publishers during their business relationship with Streamlyn. Your account manager will be an expert in his or her field and will be fully trained on all areas of the publisher management. There won’t be an anonymous voice at the end of a phone call when you contact Streamlyn. Along with this, part of their job is also to visit with you regularly either for scheduled formal account reviews or for informal catch-ups to discuss your revenue growth.

Streamlyn - Huge Advertising Pool Description

Huge Advertising Pool

We provide you easy access to high quality display, Video & mobile advertisements by connecting you with all the major buyer networks and our direct advertisers. We have deals with major ad exchanges and manage strong relationship with hundreds of relevant companies around the world, which includes SSPs, Agency Trading Desks, Ad Networks, horizontal Networks, Vertical Networks, Performance Networks etc. We manage all the operational overhead for you.

Streamlyn - Robust Targeting Description

Robust Targeting

Our targeting options enable us to precisely reach the desired audience on your site, which in turn gives more revenue for you and a better experience for your users. Our campaign managers match the most relevant advertisers to the right users on your website based on the content, demographics, geography and other parameters. We try to serve the best relevant ad for your users based on their online behaviour and this results in great campaign performance for our buyers and vertically increases your inventory payouts.

Streamlyn - Brand Safe Advertisers Description

Brand Safe Advertisers

Although our team of campaign managers are constantly optimizing to maximize yield on your inventory, we also have a quality team in place who constantly inspect creatives for malware and other content or behaviour that would adversely affect your brand. To help publishers give their users the best experience, our human auditing team scans and categorizes creatives for sensitive content and blocks them realtime. Because we value your brand safety, we take no ad for granted.

Streamlyn - Greater Control Description

Greater Control

Although we try to give you the best advertisers suited to your brand, we also give you the option to block any particular advertiser or brand from appearing on your website. Your account manager will help you to stop the kind of advertisements you are unwilling to run in your websites and will block the same from our end so that they don’t show up in future.


Media Formats

Media Planning


Brand Safe Inventory

Domain Transparency

Private Marketplace Packages

Media Formats

Media formats: Display, Video and Mobile

We live in a digital era where users are constantly engaged on different devices throughout the day. At Streamlyn we understand the user’s appetite for content across different devices and channels. Therefore, we strongly believe that the message we want to put across should reach all users no matter on what device or content they are engaging. This is the reason we empower our advertisers & buyers to reach their audience and put across the message on any media type the user is interested.

Media Planning

Media Planning

The backbone of a successful campaign is the media planning behind it. A perfect media plan can make a campaign reach its full potential by conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time. Cost is also one of the parameters where most of the media plans fail. At Streamlyn, we study your product and predict its final users. Based on the data we receive from our product study, we prepare a cost effective media plan assuring you get the best of ROI for your budget.



In simple terms, Optimization means 'to get the most out of'. As an advertiser, your focus is to get the most out of each impression you are paying for. Our team of dedicated campaign managers constantly monitor your campaigns and reduce the ineffective impressions and ensure the campaign achieves maximum returns on your ad spend.

Brand Safe Inventory

Brand Safe Inventory

At Streamlyn, we are very particular about the inventory we buy. All the publishers need to go through a mandatory audit before getting on-board. If the publisher sends impressions with its existing tag from a different domain, that new domain will be on pending audit status. Upon verification by our domain auditing team, the impressions will be passed on to our buyers.

Domain Transparency

Domain Transparency

Domain transparency is one of the major issues that the buyers are facing now. It’s very difficult for a buyer to know where exactly their ads are getting served even though they are paying a premium price for it. We understand the concern and try to make every domain visible to the buyers so that they know where exactly their ads are appearing.

Private Marketplace Packages

Private Marketplace Packages

We offer different inventory packages to advertisers as per their requirement. The inventory packages can be based on the content category, user data and targeting attributes. All the publishers involved in this process are premium with brand safe content.


Open Positions

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We are Hiring

Working at Streamlyn is not just about the job. It is about being part of a community. From bonding over lunch to team outings and other exciting events, Streamliners undoubtedly have a lot of fun in and outside the office. Join us in re-imagining the future of digital advertising. A job with Streamlyn means collaborating with the top brands, advertisers and publishers around the globe to revitalize the advertising industry. We are looking for strategic, creative, intelligent and enthusiastic people to join our team and grow their career at the forefront of advertising technology.
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