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About us


Streamlyn is a publisher programmatic media agency headquartered in Valley point, Singapore. We help small and medium scale publishers to grow from ground zero and make them realize the value of their digital assets. We understand the value of content, and try to give it maximum worth during monetizing. Partnership with most of the demand side partners and direct advertisers give us the advantage of choosing the best ad in real-time.



Our reach extends across Asia, Europe, MiddleEast & North America We serve about 2 Billion + Impressions every month with an opportunity to showcase your brand to our 30+ Monthly Million unique users. If you have a message to put across. We have the perfect audience for it.


We work with the best in the industry and choose our partners very carefully. Rest assured you are in good company with Streamlyn.


We believe quality service comes from quality people. Our hiring process is very stringent and thus we make sure that people you deal with at Streamlyn are experienced in his/her field and dedicated to providing the best customer service.


Both, in terms of campaign delivery and inventory monetization, we make sure that you are never out of options, no matter which device or media type your users are engaged in.


Our payment terms are one of the fastest in the industry. We work on NET Payment terms and our monthly invoicing is connected to an automated payment processing software. So, now you don't have to worry about your payments being delayed due to late invoicing.


We keep our exchange clean from both the advertiser and publisher side to maintain a healthy ecosystem. We use our in-house alogorithms along with human auditing team to make sure all ads and inventory passing through our exchange are brand safe. We also work with third party vendors as QA tool to be sure to keep our promise.


Our proprietary technology POE (Programmatic Optimization Engine) and Anti-Fraud algorithm are best in class in the industry. We have infused machine learning and artificial intelligence in such a way that you can be sure your ads are appearing in front of a human being, and on top of it, IT'S SEEN.


The Company started on the basic principles of hard work, transparency, and integrity. Our primary focus from day one is to help small and medium scale publishers to grow from ground zero. The audience we segment from these media houses are niche and thus perform very well for our advertiser campaigns. We also make sure to include these publishers to our media plan. Our vision is to make our SSP BidsXchange robust and transparent to acquire larger publishers and media brands which will create more value as an organization. Currently, BidsXchange has accessibility to a wide range of DSPs and Ad exchanges along with in-house advertisers and this gives us the leverage to give publishers high yield on their inventory which otherwise gets sold on a waterfall model in different exchanges and networks. We are also a 100% fill partner and have fixed spots on different websites. Because of this, we get a portion of publishers premium impressions which otherwise is only available for their direct advertisers.

Meet the team

Worldwide Coverage

We have clients based in 25+ countries across Asia, Europe, MiddleEast & North America and always try to integrate with global advertisers, publishers and Demand Side Platforms to fulfill the need of global demand and supply.

Investors in People

 Account managers are committed to the extraordinary customer experience.

 Dedicated to recruiting the best Account Managers, Data Analysts, and Developers.

  Conducting quarterly and monthly staff training & development programs.

 Conducting quarterly hackathons to find quality hire for continuous product development.