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Streamlyn helps publishers to generate revenue from their unused image space, which amounts to about 50% of their total website space.

With BidsXchange technology, publishers could add an additional stack of revenue with our In-image advertising format.


Every website contains an average of about 40% of Images and 60% text. The 40% image space always remains blank and does not account for any revenue outcome. With BidsXchange, publishers could convert their image space into ad placements and generate additional revenue stream. Depending on website content and image type, Streamlyn provides publishers with an ad on top of the image keeping in mind that more than 80% of the image still remains visible.


Streamlyn's technology platform BidsXchange scans all websites and its images to categorise each article with respect to its image in a designated genre like Shopping, Vacation, Travel booking etc. These information is then used to find a relevant ad from advertiser campaigns depending on the genre that particular content and image is categorised. These results in a better ROI for advertisers and a great experience for users as they are presented with relevant ads based on their search history and image being viewed. In-image advertising through Streamlyn results in great eCPM for publishers and fabulous ROI for advertisers.

To start with in-image advertisements from Streamlyn, the publisher has to be approved by our QA team. Once approved, the integration is simple and seamless. Streamlyn with provide publishers with a Javascript tag which needs to be placed on the website directly. Once the tag is placed on the website, our platform BidsXchange will start scanning the page for images and text. We will provide with an relevant ad for every image that meets the advertisers criteria and brand safety guidelines.