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BidsXchange Self-Serve Buyer Console for the self-driven

BidsXchange buyer console helps agencies and advertisers to run campaigns on their own. Our ad serving platform is enriched with targeting features and premium inventory to help advertisers increase campaign effectiveness.


Unlike demand side platforms and exchanges which are connected with other supply sources to increase their reach, BidsXchange is connected directly with publishers, which works like a private exchange where we connect direct publishers with our In-house advertisers. This results in a cleaner ecosystem and boosts campaign performance.


Your websites' audiences are your customers and we help you keep a track of them. We help you to track and control your websites 1st party data through our in-house DMP. Capitalize users who have clicked on your ads or visited your website and reach out to them with new offers or services. Rest assured your data is safe with us and we do not sell or use them for other advertisers.


Setting up your first campaign and uploading creatives is a cake walk through our user interface and it hardly takes minutes to be up & running. We do not give you unnecessary options which you do not need and do not bombard the UI with difficult jargons. We want you to reach your audience and concentrate more on the campaign performance rather than spending time in our WIKI to understand the system. Let our algorithms take care of the rest.


We offer managed services to SMB clients who are new to the ecosystem and wants to run an Online media campaign. We have a large team of account managers who could help you reach your campaign goal. The cost that you would be paying is same as regular self-serve user. We do not charge anything for helping our customers.


We work with top 500 Alexa ranking websites across multiple geographies and languages, so you will never run out of supply to execute your branding campaigns. We also provide you the options to target multiple prebid inventory verification segments putting you in control of what you are buying. If required, we could provide you with post campaign analysis report which includes Inventory quality and Viewability parameter for your completed campaigns.


With our BidsXchange buyer console, you can execute Display, Mobile, Video, Native, In-Feed and RichMedia campaigns all in the same UI so that you don’t need to look for other options while executing your media budgets across different media formats and channels.


We have developed our in-house Fraud filtering algorithm which keeps all arising suspicious and non-human traffic out of the exchange. We work on a guaranteed 85% viewable ads across all the websites and we don’t just self-proclaim. We use third-party vendors to validate our promise of a better viewable and fraud free ecosystem.