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BidsXchange SSP for publishers who stand out and make a difference with their valuable content.

BidsXchange SSP is an independent advertising marketplace that connects Quality publishers with Brand safe advertisers and global demand side platforms. Experience the yield growth for your inventory across multiple channels and devices with our best in class technology and automation.


We have a large sales team that works across multiple geographies to get direct advertisers onboard. This means that you would get much higher eCPMs for the same inventory which otherwise gets sold on an open exchange with a lesser valuation. Also, we include all our eligible publishers in our media plan so all our direct campaigns compete with other DSP partners for every impression resulting in much higher revenue and CPM.


We are connected with almost all the top demand side platforms in the market and have deals with all the major ad exchanges and maintain a strong relationship with them. This means you don’t have to waterfall your inventory across multiple partners and preferably use our SSP as a huge demand source.


BidsXchange has the functionality of setting up and executing guaranteed and non-guaranteed PMP deals through our unified platform and we do not charge anything extra for this service. Along with your direct PMP deals, we also have ongoing open PMP deals with many advertisers and DSP partners where we can introduce your inventory by getting an approval. So now you know your ads are being sold through a tough competition across all available demand.


We work with GeoEdge and TheMediaTrust to scan all the creatives that serve through our exchange. Along with this, we also have a quality team in place who constantly inspect creatives for malware and other content or behavior that would adversely affect your brand. To help publishers give their users the best experience, our human auditing team scans and categorizes creatives for sensitive content and blocks them in real-time. Because we value your brand safety, we take no ad for granted.


BidsXchange works with global advertisers and demand partners to help you monetize your inventory without any limitations. We make sure that your Inventory across all geographies gets a good fill rate on our platform and to do that, we have connected with us the demand sources from across the globe and keep adding new demands from time to time.


Creating a publisher, adding an ad unit and a floor price, that’s all you need to get started with our platform. The system is built robust from the back end and as simple as possible from the front end. After all, a simple UI makes your life easy and that’s what we want.


With BidsXchange, we give you the total control of your ad serving choice. You will know who is exactly buying your inventory starting from DSP, Buyer, and advertiser level. Although we try to give you the best advertisers suited to your brand, we also give you the option to block any advertiser or brand from appearing on your website. Your account manager will help you to stop the kind of advertisements you are unwilling to run on your websites and will block the same from our end so that they don’t show up in future.